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Stylish Photos From The Past That Are Beyond Incredible


Hollywood and the entertainment world at large has seen a staggering level of growth in the last 100 years, so much so that you can pretty much travel to the far end of the world and still find a local villager who knows of Justin Beiber. But without discrediting the faces of 21st-century pop culture, show business seems to have lost a certain level of cool that was so prevalent in yesteryear show business.

Just take the rugged handsomeness and extraordinary talent of Marlon Brando, or the effortlessly cool shots of the French heartthrob, Alain Delon. These were the stars that put Hollywood on the map and cemented it as the global business we now know today. The California area at large was also a place bursting with creative zeal and attracted people all over the world, from artists and surfers to skaters, and spiritual gurus.

So sit back and enjoy a series of cool photos that encapsulated a period of time you probably wish you were apart of.

1California cruising, 1972

Los Angeles is known for its famous driving spots, be it Mullholland drive, Sunset Strip and the famed Pacific Coast Highway, but Van Nuys Boulevard in Los Angeles California remains a favorite pastime for many.

This photo sees a group of trendy youths decorating a beautiful Mustang GT on Van Nuys Boulevard late in the evening. Taken in 1972, the 1970’s was a golden period for automotive brilliance, and the most legendary cars of that decade, such as the stylish Mustang GT, remain iconic. The popular Ford model, which became known as the pony car, proved so popular in its design that it inspired a host of other vehicles, such as the Chevrolet Camaro and Pontiac Firebird.



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